Thursday, January 3, 2013

New years post and blog overhaul 2013

Reviving my blog to track a few things, though not explicitly.
I'm outgrowing the cardboardcookie name but I don't have a new one either.

First thing's first, growing my hair-
As of today, it reaches the end of my jaw on both sides of my face.
I don't remember the last time it was past my shoulders.
My hair, despite my obsession with changing it every second day, actually grows at a decent rate.  It's averaging at an inch per month.
This time I am determined.  I have even primed it for growing it by matching the over-dyed colour with my black roots and leveled the back to minimize the growing mullet.
It should take one year to reach past the dreaded "medium".

Next - Yoga


This year I'm going to try and master the crow and headstand.
I found this great set of videos by Tara Stiles from Livestrong on youtube that focuses on building strength and balance. 
There are no photos for tracking on this one because at this point I can barely do a plank!

Last - Keto 
So here I am on NYE as Princess Bubblegum from "Adventure time". 
It's not as obvious here but the chub is outta control.
I actually started going full keto 3 weeks before this and have lost (since that photo) some more swelling.
As of the past few days, I have finally stabilised and have regained control over hunger/cravings.  At this point I really don't foresee myself "needing" carbs, unless I get ambushed by a siu long bao.
My macro ratio is averaging 10%;30%;60%
It's pretty hard to get down to 5% carbs but I don't feel the need to at this point.  Maybe when I plateau.
Also struggling to keep the calories under 1200 but it's getting easier.

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