Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Non-surgical nose reshaping

Back from hiatus!  I exported all my posts before the hiatus, and they have now been reset.  I've lost all my comments and such! :( (not that there were many) So I've only just bothered to import a few recent ones.

The post title...kind of strange coming back from hiatus and jumping into such a sensitive topic, but before I took the plunge, there were so little actual patient reviews/relevant information on this topic.  So hopefully, this will shed some light for those hunting the web for a more detailed, non-biased review.

First of all, some before and after pictures:


The night I returned from the clinic.  As mentioned below, it was a little lumpy

Day 4 (today)

I forgot to take a proper before image, but it's fairly obvious from the photo that my former nose bridge was much flatter.

Cost: £350, one full syringe of Restylane was used.
Length of effect: 6-9 months realistically.

Some background info:
I've been looking into this procedure for awhile after reading about it on another blog.  I thought it was perfect for minor adjustments that are not worth the risk of going under the knife.
The height of my natural nose bridge is not really considered flat for Asians but... girls will be girls.
Also, I wanted a bit more definition on the tip of my nose.

At the clinic:
I told the doctor what I was after and she assessed the area, pinching and poking.  We then went into a  consultation discussion. 
She made sure that I was very comfortable with everything before we moved to the chair.

First, she cleaned the general area with antiseptic wipes and explained that the product contains anesthetic elements in itself so anesthesia was not necessary.

A few pen marks were made on my nose.

I felt a slight pinch on the bridge of my nose as the first needle went in and a numbness spreading across the area.  After she took the needle out, she proceeded to pinch and press on the area.
This process continued for around 10 minutes.  

She then gave me a mirror and asked me if I was happy with everything.  (I was very amused at the fact that this is what hairdressers do when they cut your hair, except this was for my nose...)
I noticed a few uneven bumps and that the nose bridge is not wide enough, so she continued with the needle jabs and pinches.

Finally, I was given an ice pack and a hole in my wallet.

The next few days:
When I got home, I noticed some bruising of the nose and slight uneven bumps but not enough to bug me.
The next two days, my nose was slightly swollen and tender to the touch.  The uneveness was less obvious but I could still feel hard lumps in my nose.

Day 4 (now):  The swelling has gone completely.  The uneveness is completely gone.  The entire nose is now soft and "normal".  Although, the difference is less obvious.

The Verdict:
I am very happy with this procedure.  Will definitely do it again and recommend others to give it a try.

I felt like all the fears I had about this procedure were a non-issue.  The procedure was fairly straight forward.

The difference is quite subtle and natural.  

An extra plus: because the skin on my nose bridge was stretched, the procedure actually caused my eyes to lengthen slightly!

Not really a con anymore but for the first few days, my nose was lumpy so I wasn't 100% satisfied with the results.  But now, the lumps have smoothed out.

Another false-con, some areas were really hard and 'beady'.  But they have now softened.

Can see this becoming rather addictive.

This depends on the individual but for me, the difference is a little too subtle despite how high the bridge looks in the second picture (lighting).