Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a fortnight in Belfast

We are nearing the end of our 13 days in Belfast.
I have rather mixed feelings about this place.
Edmond got a fever as soon as we landed so things started quite miserably for the both of us here.
He went to training still feeling sickly and I was alone during the day.  There aren't many places to go here other than a few shopping centres.   During the first couple of days, I managed to sought comfort at Starbucks where things were a little more familiar.  Feeling more confident, I was able to explore a little more.  However that didn't last long as I was shot down by some dodgy diner food.  Kept me in the hotel well into Thursday night.  Something strange I discovered while I was sick was that most things I encountered that afternoon made me feel sick when I thought about them.  The smell of the hotel shower cream, the clothes I bought from Primark?!?!  So weird!
Anyway, moving on.  Friday night, Wendy and Chris arrived! We had dinner at the hooligan teatery.  Definitely one of the best places I've been to.  The ambiance and atmosphere was dim and relaxing.  Although close to 11pm, it was still extremely busy and the staff still managed to be very attentive.  The decor was kooky.   My favourite were the wolpertinger wall mounts.
Things in Belfast were starting to look brighter.  Quite literally, as on Saturday there was not a cloud in the sky and we headed to Dublin :D
The cobble stone paved city centre was pretty but Dublin, overall,  was boring.  But we did go to the Guinness factory for a tour which was fun.  We also got a free guinness each :D.   They're very dark and bitter.  I wouldn't say I didn't enjoy it but wouldn't be craving one any time soon.
We spent the afternoon wandering around Kildare outlet.  
Ed suggested that we visit Giant's Causeway  on Sunday.  We took the ocean drive to Giant's causeway.  It was beautiful.  Quaint little sea-side towns and farms.  Giant's causeway itself was amazing.  Volcanic rock ledges formed 60 million years ago.  Every little pillar was similar in size and almost hexagon in shape.
Monday night, we went to Hooligans again.  Edmond said the steak was one of the best he's had :D
Love that place.
We are leaving on Saturday afternoon.  I can't wait to go!  But at the same time I know I'll miss this place D:

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